Commercial Robot Vacuum Cleaners – Abbee

Abbee is a high performance robotic vacuum and mop rolled into one – created by the Perfect Little Company.

The robots are usually rented in groups of 10 complete with a trolley (a hive), designed to increase efficient use of the robots. Depending on the size of the site, a single operator will typically use between 1 and 4 hives (10 – 40 robots) to vacuum 4,000 – 6,000ft² per hour. The Hive Trolley holds 10 Abbee’s for easy transportation and distribution around the rooms they are required to work in. The trolley also provides a storage system as well as doubling up as a charging station with 10 charging points – one for each Abbee (a single plug socket is required).

David Wellock, Financial Director of Bulloughs, said: “The Perfect Little Company have created an innovative and practical solution to commercial robotic vacuum cleaning. In both an educational and corporate environment the robots free up time allowing cleaners to focus on other duties and attention to detail items resulting in improved standards across the site. We particularly like the addition of the hive which allows hassle free storing, charging and transportation of the robots. Coming to a cleaning contract near you? We certainly think the potential is there and look forward to working with the PLC in the future”