Frequently Asked Questions

How can I can I change my back account details??

You can change you bank account details by downloading and filling in the Change of Bank Details form from the downloads page. The completed form should be posted to: Bulloughs Cleaning Services Limited, Craven House, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 2DE.

How does the Bradford factor attendance system work?

Frequent short-term sick absences are always a cause for concern, particularly within small businesses. The Bradford Factor is a simple formula to help us manage short term sick absences and determine when these have become excessive.

The calculation for the Bradford Factor (B) is Number of Occasions Sick (S) x Number of Occasions Sick (S) x Total Number of Days Absent (D), or
B = S² x D.

What is equalised pay?

At some sites cleaners are employed for less than 52 weeks of the year. This means that there are weeks when they would not receive any pay.

By equalising an employees pay their annual salary is averaged over 52 weeks and they receive a wage every week of the year. Because the annual salary is averaged the rate per hours drops but the annual salary does not change.

What is my holiday entitlement?

Employees with Bulloughs terms and conditions, who work 5 days per week are entitled to 5.6 weeks holiday per year or 20 days plus 8 bank holiday per year. The holiday year runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. If you work less than 5 days per week your entitlement is calculated on a pro rata basis.

Holidays should be booked in advance, giving at least the same amount of notice as the length of the holiday. Forms will be available at your site as part of the site handbook or via this website under the staff tab. Employees cannot take more than two weeks off during any one period and employees working in an educational establishment can only take time off during the school holidays.

How do I use ezitracker?

For your ease and accuracy of wage payments, we operate an automated time keeping system called ezitracker. This simplifies our payroll process and removes the need for paper time-sheets to be completed and posted by you. By using this system we can continue to pay all staff weekly, which existing employees have said is their preference.
The system is very simple. Every employee is sent a PIN card which details a Freephone telephone number on it and a PIN number that is unique to you.
Every time you arrive for the start of your shift simply call the 0800 Freephone telephone number on the card and you will be voice prompted through the process.

Briefly, you will be prompted to enter your PIN number (using the telephone keypad) and then to enter ‘1’ to log in. Then, at the end of your shift, simply follow the same procedure i.e. dial the Freephone number, enter your PIN but then enter ‘2’ to log out.

It is very important that you follow these instructions. This is the only method used to record your contracted working hours. If you fail to log in and out on a daily basis, you will have zero hours recorded and therefore receive zero pay!

Your PIN card also contains our helpline number if you experience any problems or difficulties in using the system.

The system operates by call line number recognition and should only be used from the site(s) where you are working. Do not use from any other location i.e. home, or from mobile telephones.