Environmental Policy

At Bulloughs, we are fully committed to environmental sustainability. It’s one of our key values, which is why it is at the heart of our decision-making, right from the products we use, through to the targets we set for our staff.

Here are the actions we are taking to ensure we adopt a sustainable approach:

Locally sourced and sustainable products
Over 95% of our cleaning material purchases are made within the UK. The only exception to this is our paper products which come under the control of the sustainable Scandinavian forestry schemes. We also use recycled products wherever possible. Plus, all the cleaning products we use comply with the current EU regulations on biodegradability and protection for the environment.

We believe innovation is the key to success
We are passionate about cleaning, which means we’re constantly looking for smarter solutions which are going to bring our clients the best results. For example, we now offer chemical-free cleaning, which can be adopted by clients to offer an eco-friendly solution.

We push ourselves to find a better way
This drive for continuous improvement is another key value Bulloughs stands for and reducing our carbon footprint is no exception. For example, our staff are set the target of reducing their fuel usage by 5% per year. We also ensure any new company vehicles have lower CO2 emissions than the vehicle it is replacing, as well as the use of electric or hybrid vehicles where possible.

We also set an annual target to reduce our waste production by 5% every year. All waste is returned to our Head Office where it can be effectively monitored and processed with a full paper, plastic and cardboard recycling scheme in place.

It’s a team effort
We believe that we can only achieve our mission if everyone in the company feels empowered to do the right thing. This is why:

  • We deliver appropriate environmental training to all our employees throughout the organisation
  • We efficiently use energy in all our operations by encouraging our staff to switch off all lights and equipment when not in use
  • We promote and assist with recycling initiatives at our own offices and the premises of our clients
  • We regularly set targets, monitor our progress and encourage our workforce to come up with ideas for improving our Environmental Policy

Plus, at the outset of each contract, we undertake environmental impact assessments of all the products and processes involved in providing our clients with a great cleaning service.

Our high standards are formally recognised and accredited
As part of our commitment to continual improvement of our environmental practices and pollution prevention, we are accredited to British Standard BS EN ISO 14001.

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