The University of Manchester - Window cleaning service case study 

Bulloughs Cleaning Services has over 55 years of experience providing quality window cleaning solutions, as well as industrial cleaning services across various sectors in the North of England.

The brief

The University of Manchester is the largest single-site university in the UK. The brief was to clean all external and internal windows, including balustrades, glass partitions, cladding and any high-level work requested.

The challenges

The University of Manchester has over 100 buildings, and not one building is the same. Therefore, each individual site must be thoroughly surveyed, determining which window cleaning method would best suit, which access machine is required, and whether the cleaning can be completed during regular working hours. We also considered the following in the job’s specifications:

  • A large amount of external work must be completed from public pathways. Therefore, necessary permits are to be obtained, areas are to be fully segregated, and in many cases, traffic management is put in place to close roads to enable our access machinery to operate safely.
  • A large amount of work is completed from rooftops using the abseiling method, necessary roof permits and site-specific RAMS are always required.
  • Floor weight bearings, door heights and widths were carefully assessed to determine which access machine could be used. We also considered alternatives, such as scaffolding or portable platforms.

The job specification

To meet the different challenges, we used multiple methods, such as:

  • The traditional method (applicate and squeegee)
  • Access machinery, including scissor lifts, articulating boom lifts, truck mounts and spider lifts.
  • Abseiling technique
  • The reach and wash system

As well as being the right technique for the site, the reach and wash system comes with eco-friendly benefits such as:

  • Virtually eliminating the use of chemicals and detergents. Plus if a cleaning product is required, they comply with current EU regulations on biodegradability and protection for the environment.
  • Bulloughs Cleaning Services use regulators throughout our reach and wash system to limit water flow and reduce wastewater.

In addition to the above eco-friendly benefits, where possible Bulloughs Cleaning Services source our window cleaning water near or on-site to reduce vehicle loads and fuel consumption.

The result

The University of Manchester are really pleased with the high level of service Bulloughs Cleaning Services provides to ensure a consistent result across their buildings, addressing the different challenges.

“I’d like to say a massive thank you for the window cleaning. Many colleagues are over the moon with the result.”

Service Manager, the University of Manchester.

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